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26.5R25 tires for sale (GLC8S) for Sale
26.5R25 tires for sale (GLC8S) for Sale

26.5R25 tires for sale (GLC8S)

26.5R25-G-GLC8S Out of Stock
  • Season: N/A
  • Load/Speed: N/A
  • Performance: N/A
  • Load Range: N/A
CAD $2990
CAD $11960

Tire Specs

  • Part# 26.5R25-G-GLC8S
  • UTQG Rating N/A
  • Unit Weight(LBS) N/A
  • RIM Width(MEAS) N/A
  • RIM Width(APPR) N/A
  • Overall Width(inches) 385
  • Overall Diameter(inches) 16.5
  • Tread Depth N/A
  • Static Radius(inches) N/A
  • REV/Mile N/A
  • Max Load at code inflation
    Pressure(LBS @PSI) Single


Star Rating - ★★

Load Index - 209/193

TRA Code - L-4/E-4

Tread Depth (mm) - 57

Type - TL

Standard Rim (Rim Width & Flange) - 22.00/3.0

Overall Diameter (mm) - 1798

Section Width - 673 (mm)

Max Load (Kg) - 18500/11500

Standard Pressure (bar) - 6.5/5.25

Max Speed (Km/h) - 10/50

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