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Container Load Order

Tire Up Your Business with Bulk Orders: Quality, Quantity, Savings.

Global Wholesale Tires has been supplying high-quality bulk tires order involves purchasing a large quantity of tires at once, typically for commercial or wholesale purposes. This bulk purchasing allows for cost savings and ensures a steady supply of tires for various applications.

Bulk tire orders in containers involve the efficient loading and shipment of a large quantity of tires within cargo containers. This method optimizes space utilization, secures the tires to prevent damage, and streamlines the transportation process, making it cost-effective and convenient for businesses and wholesalers. Call us at (780)670-2012 or send us an email at to talk with a member of our customer service team.

When it comes to tires, buying in bulk and shipping them within cargo containers is the smart choice for businesses and wholesalers. Our tire bulk order service ensures that you receive quality tires in large quantities, efficiently packed and secured within containers. Enjoy cost-effective solutions, reliable shipping, and a hassle-free process, making it easy to meet your tire needs on a grand scale. Whether you're in the business of selling tires or need a substantial supply for your operations, our containerized bulk tire orders have you covered.

Key considerations in a Container Load Order for tires may include:

  • Tire size and type: Arranging tires in a way that optimizes the available space while preventing contact and potential damage between them.
  • Weight distribution: Distributing the weight of the tires evenly within the container to maintain stability during transit.
  • Blocking and bracing: Using blocking and bracing materials to secure the tires and prevent shifting or toppling during transportation.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring that the tires needed for unloading first are positioned near the container doors to facilitate easy access.
  • Container type: Adapting the CLO to the specific type of container being used, whether it's a standard dry container, a flat rack, or an open-top container.

Overall, a well-planned Container Load Order for tires can help reduce shipping costs, minimize damage to the cargo, and streamline the unloading process at the destination.

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I bought wheel loader tires for my loader and they were amazing with pricing. I almost saved 50% compared to market prices.

Josseph Moret


I was looking for 10 to 20 tires and Global Wholesale Tires quoted me wholesale prices. I was surprised because I received an almost 50% off compared to other providers. I was happy with their 24/7 hours support service.

Mary Jane

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